What a wonderful world it is, we will bet a coffee that even Louis Armstrong will agree with us, wanna bet? The internet is as wonderful as our reality so as such differentiating one brand from another is a tough nut to crack, but ‘Keep Calm’ for we provide for search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as search engine marketing (SEM). From on-site SEO, like niche keywords research, targeted keywords selection, content optimisation, code cleaning, competitor analysis and increased conversions, we know our stuff, try us, and you will witness our power. Now on the off-site SEM, we carry link building campaign, search engine submission, video marketing, Pay Per Click(PPC) campaign, CPA,CPM, well the whole lot, just asked us and we will make it for you, that’s how cool we are!

Website Development

Website, what a story they can tell you about! From design to layout, from texture to texts, fair can be foul, and foul can be fair, for in the eye of the beholder, judgement is easily cast upon how the brand represent itself though its website.

We have been through the hardship of thinking how to design our website and we know how troublesome it can be for you, as for us, it was a walk in the park, for we are elves, trolls, wizards, Jedi, Sith Lord, etc, etc, you know the tune by now.

Designing and developing your website, while making it responsive on all devices as well as getting ahead of Goggle with a good SEO campaign, we can make it happen for you.

Now, you think we are pompous or even pretentious, guess you have never met Beyonce.

PS: We have never met her too, it’s what the web says when we Google, pretentious, so blame the web if you want but spare us poor mortal!

Social Media Plan

What can we tell you that you don’t already know about Social Media, we are sure that you are thinking that right now or had that thought crossing your mind. Yes, we are elves, wizard, gypsies, somedays even Jedi, fortune-teller on other days and by luck born human, that’s why we know all those things. It’s a true story.

So, back to our Social Media story, yes we know that you know social media but what you don’t know is that social media is like a Chemistry class, where you have to add different chemical compound and come up with chemical formulas, if you have watched Breaking Bad, once in your life, we are sure you will know what we are talking about, else this will be all gibberish to you. But stay with u a little more even if it is gibberish to you, for we have a recipe to write endless chemical formulas for your Social Media channels.

Yes, you heard right! We can plan a social media calendar for you, generate content for your social channels, make your brand a ‘People Brand’, speak to your audience like friends and well make you differentiate yourself from the competition. We plan, create, design, think, well you got our point, we do it all and what more, we align your marketing plan with our social media plan for one whole year, yes you heard right.

No need to say more now, except, when do we sign our agreement?

Mobile Development Assistance

You have your development team but you lack experience and don’t know how to draft a proper business model for your application or even how to get a proper flow for it, look no more, we are your humble Jedi Knight. We will make The Force Awakens in you so that your quest shall be a success story. Our Masterchef Developer will assist you through our consulting scheme for all your mobile development needs, he will be an extension of your team.

Business Consulting

Having some issues with your business revenue model, running out of ideas to promote your brand, feeling that your business is stagnant and really no more ‘funky’ for your target market, then it is time to seek an audience with our Architect. Don’t worry we won’t replay the scene of Neo talking with the Architect in Matrix Reloaded, that’s a promise. We will rather provide you with a professional who can be your Problem Solver and who will instil a new breath in your business model as well as guide you towards new horizon and ventures.

Mobile Application Development

We don’t need any guessing here, for we know that you landed on our page for a purpose, so no need to tell you the story of our life. We do mobile application development, don’t believe us.

Who can from fully fleshed-out concepts to incomprehensible pitches, tell you that yes, your idea is great or well it could have been better if we add something to it, we do.

Who will ask you why your idea makes sense, how will it be successful and why anyone will care about downloading it, we do, yes again we do, seriously.

Who will ask you about your business model and help you to better it, well guess who? Yes, we do.

So by now you should know that we do mobile application development, that we work hand-in-hand with you, share our ideas, love, passion of technology to you and that we can turn ideas into actual products.

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