You never stop learning, age is not a criterion in your quest for knowledge. This post today is inspired by a conversation I had last week with a new client of mine and he is retired and the most amazing part is that he is more versed in digital that many people I know. For a retired person, he is full of surprise and also a very interesting chap to have a talk especially when talking digital marketing strategies. So, I decided to do a post on how any brand can supercharge their Facebook sponsored posts by just following some easy tips. This one is for Harry, enjoy the read.

It is very easy to  have a good post but more difficult to have a great one. Crafting a good Facebook post for paid promotion is done by most as easy as saying “Hello”. But how do you make a sponsored post great and irresistible? Everyone that post on Facebook wants to have an engaging post and a post that their target audience relates, love and share.

In order to get your sponsored post to the level of a  great post, you have to focus your post content to something that really matters and also that puts your audience first.

Don’t just make your post look nice and all, it has to be deep and resonate with your audience. People should relate to your post, feel connected and above all gain some invaluable knowledge or understanding.

Most people will focus on tweaking the look of the post like image, title, and description while paying less attention to the content itself and this is a major drawback when you are promoting your sponsored posts.

For a second, just imagine that your post is like an iceberg, we focus on what is visible while forgetting to pay attention to what is under the water and that is exactly why we have lost Titanic. If you are too young to know that movie, just google it, it is a good business lesson to remember.

Relevant content is what makes a campaign great. If you look at the main ranking factors of the Facebook News Feed, you will see that most of them are connected to relevance:

  • Interest – user’s interest in the post
  • Post: the performance of the post among other users
  • Creator: the value of the post to the audience
  • Type: type of post users prefer
  • Recency: Posts are relevant at a certain time of the day and are less a day after.


Now that you have dealt with the post content, time to move to the description part of your sponsored post. You want to make it irresistible, you want it to hook your audience. Same goes for the headline. It is the name of your movie, so make it rock.

A good headline will boost your content post and make your target audience more interested in discovering your content.

As for the text field of your post, imagine it is like a teaser. Teasers are meant to appeal to the audience such a way that the audience will rush to see a movie at the cinema. The same principle works here.  The text field is just under the headline and it has to support the headline and make your target audience want to engage with your post and visit your article.

The description field needs to be short and sweet. Also, once you paste a link and Facebook has pulled in the image, title, and description, you can now delete the link from the text field if it is too much. It is just about a better look.

Furthermore, tag related pages if appropriate. It is best to mention them in a sentence, this help to further extend the organic reach of your posts. You can also use emojis, they are funny, easy to relate and works in everything nowadays that is related to chat or posting. So be part of the emoji generation and use them where you can.

One last thing that works well with the description field is to ask questions. Asking questions in that field can also boost engagement.

Once content, headline, and description are done, you have to consider the best time to post. You need to post when your audience is more active and online. So check your insights and see which time works best for your posts.

Also, boosting post is based upon your current follower base activity. If your audience engages with your content within a short period of time, it would be considered a hot topic by the News Feed Algorithm.It will get a better ranking and a higher reach since it is probably more interesting for a short period of time and less interesting later. This is the perfect time to boost that post.

Check your Facebook insights especially the section about “Posts” and “When your fans are online”, there are interesting data for your to consider before boosting your posts.

Now we can finally move to the image. Remember that the featured image of your article will be pulled in by Facebook if you paste its links to the post’s description field.  You can have different image types for a Facebook posts;

  • Photos
  • Charts
  • Visual representation
  • Comics
  • Screenshots

Also, always use relevant images for your posts, colored images as this increase people willingness to read the article and make sure you have the right to use a specific image.

To wrap it up.

Before you go and tweak your posts, remember to have a broader social media strategy, what you want to achieve and what your audience is expecting from your brand. We are sure that once you adopt those tips, you will be having better-sponsored posts.


Written by Gi0