This question is sure to be a nightmare for many marketers whether they are wise and bright or bold and young. So, today we are going to tackle it for each of our fellow marketers. As Digital Marketing is evolving faster with every passing year, brands have to adapt and integrate new methodologies, technologies, and strategies into their business model. We can escape that reality, it is either you adapt your brand or lose your market. Heard about Yahoo, it should be a good example of not adapting to changes and trends.

Your long-term success depends on your ability to identify and respond to the trends shaping the industry. This is where you will be able to differentiate your brand from the competition.

With no further due, let us dive into some differentiate trends that will make your brand stand out as a winner.

#1. Omnichannel Marketing. Today, consumer are always connected, so instead of bombarding them on every channel, you should engage them in an ongoing dialog that continues across the best channel based on their unique needs at the moment of engagement. You don’t have to use different channels to send different types of messages, those distinctions are meaningless to the consumer receiving it. For your consumers, it will be just another one of your messages nothing more. Only by recognizing, understanding, reflect and responding to consumer activity across channels can brands generate the customer satisfaction and loyalty that is inherent with well-executed omnichannel marketing.

#2. Dynamic. Technology nowadays makes it possible for marketers to personalize messages; any aspect of the message. Instead of leveraging static CRM data at the time of send, marketers can now enhance  that data with real-time data feeds (location, device type, inventory, etc.) to dynamically personalize messages at the moment of engagement. No longer does a customer have to receive a message advertising a product that is out of stock – or advertising flip flops during a cold snap. Transitioning from static to dynamic data means that marketers can create more relevant and valued experiences for customers and prospects.

#3. Video. Consumers are in love with video and so should your brand. Whether user-generated product reviews, Vine ads, or live streams via Twitter’s Periscope app, there are an unprecedented number of ways to create a video that consumers love to consume. All this time spent with video makes it one of the best ways to capture a consumer’s attention. By leveraging video to enhance the customer experience with products, services, or even email, consumers have the opportunity to engage more deeply with a brand and its offerings. By keeping track of the latest video formats and services that are being adopted by consumers, you can create new ways for consumers to get to know your brand, which is key to driving customer engagement and loyalty.

#4. Internet Of Things. Internet Of Things has never been stronger than it is today. Internet-connected devices are bringing new levels of utility to consumers while also generating relevant data for marketers to deliver more personalized experiences. The proliferation of sensors in everyday devices is empowering consumers to make smarter decisions about how they live their lives – from how much they exercise to how long they leave their lights on at home. As a result, there are more opportunities than ever before for marketers to leverage this trend to better understand and meet the needs of their customers. The Internet of Things is new consumer reality.

Those 4 trends if well crafted within your brand marketing plan and business model, will sure to make a difference in how your brand is perceived and consumed. Stand out from the competition by adapting your brand to new technologies and trends. It is today a race for a brand to grab the market and get loyal customers, the days of running a marathon are past their expiration date.

Customer loyalty is built on trust and value — and that needs to be reflected in every touchpoint, regardless of channel. Take the time now to investigate these trends and learn how you can leverage them to deepen customer relationships and soar above your competition.

Written by Gi0